Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ten on Tuesday

Here's your Ten on Tuesday.  Be sure to only pick one answer, and leave a comment telling us you've posted your answers to your blog!

Choose one (and homeychicken ain't allowed to make up her OWN choices!):

1) To be indestructible or incredibly rich?  Incredibly rich,  so DH would be able to finish home and send our friend to china as Missionary.


2) chocolate or vanilla?  vanilla


3) mow the lawn weekly or whenever it is jungle length? Jungle length


4) winter sports (hockey, football, etc...) or summer sports (baseball, golf, etc...) summer


5) cookies or cake?  cake


6) vote on the issues or with your political party? Issues


7) Indiana Jones or James Bond?  James Bond,  do not watch him anymore


8) dinner with Osama Bin Laden or hunting trip with Dick Cheney?  Hunting with Dick Cheney, but I would always stay behind him.


9) be able to swim underwater without having to come up for air, or be able to fly? Swim


10) talk like Foghorn Leghorn or Elmer Fudd (both from Bugs Bunny cartoons)?  Foghorn Leghorn

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