Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Father Filter

My Mr. Visionary sent me out shopping yesterday,  all by my self.  Right before I left he told me to listen to a tape.  He had not listened to it but God would not let him rest unless I listened to it.  It was lady speakers at a ladies conference and the one speaker said that everything that comes into our lives has passed through a "Father Filter".  What an awesome thought.  I am not going through anything today that my Father has not already filtered for me.  He knows exactly what I am going to go through.  He also knew how much I could handle and filtered it to fit me exactly.  He knows me, cares for me and loves me enough to do this for me.  It was a wonderful thought as we have been in the fire, so to speak, lately.  But my Dear Heavenly Father knows this and has filtered it to fit me.  I came home so excited and asked Mr. Visionary if he had listened to all of the tape.  Nope he said but God told me that there was something on the tape you needed.  It is wonderful to have a husband who listens to the proddings of God.


mc2rwe said...

What a merciful and loving God we serve! I am so happy that you got this message from Him... makes you feel better huh?


Brownsmichelle said...

It certainly does. It helps knowing my Heavenly Father loves me and knows all about what I am going through

DonnaJoy said...

A "Father Filter" - I love that!!! I have been going through some trying times at work and this is just what I needed to hear!! I know this is for me to grow to another level with Him. Thanks for sharing this Michelle.



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