Tuesday, September 19, 2006

making my house a home

I have lived in 20 different houses in 10 years of marriage and have never decorated one yet.  Until today.  Yippee  I am going to be painting tomorrow.  I am starting small.  I am only doing the foyer but it is a start and it is all mine.  I decided on the colors of peach, a mosssy sage green, and dove grey as a color scheme for the entire house.  The foyer will be peach with grey trim.  I need advice on the front doors.  Because we live in a church I do have double front doors and I do not know what color to paint the inside of them.  My mother always painted everything parchment.  No other color in the house so I do not know what to do about the doors.  Any advice will be appreciated.   Oh and DH is buying me an attachment for my cell phone so I will be able to post pictures.  I am so excited.


MicheleC11 said...

I have always loved tomato red doors.

mc2rwe said...

Well are they flat doors or are they raised panel? Do they have glass?


Mrs. Meyer said...

I'm not one to ask, my dh is much better with the decorating that I am. I think that comes with being a visionary. He can actually see whatever he is dreaming of, I have to actually see it:) But I would think going with your gray trim color would be safe. It is a nutral color, so if you were to change you mind on the other colors, it might still be safe with what ever else you choose.

Have fun with your decorating!!!


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