Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Missing alram sets everyone back

I slept right through my alarm and did not awaken until my miss Busy climed up into bed with me.  Woops!  So we had granola bars for breakfast and got the day going.  Today I am trying to clean my bedroom.  If I do not know where to put something, into my bedroom it goes.  I am hauling out everything that is not used and loved.  So it will become a haven for my DH and I. 

I went to cook lunch for us and I am out of gas for the stove.  I tried calling my DH on his cell to ask him to pick some up and his cell phone has been turned off.  This day is just getting better and better. 

We will not be able to go to church tonight as our Wed. services start at 6:30 and I do not excpect DH home until that time.  We do have DVD's of some of our favorite preachers so maybe we will watch one of those. 
I also need to get some dresses cut out for old fashioned sunday.  It is next sunday I have to get outfits for the girls and I.


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