Thursday, September 21, 2006

My front door issue

For all of the ladies who gave me ideas for my front door.  I do need to clarify.  We live in an old church so tomato red would not really be the best.  I have it painted a cream color currentrly and I was wondering if it is okay to paint the inside a different color that the outside.  It is flat on the inside but has 8 raised panels on the outside and it is a double door set. 


homesteadinthemaking said...

If the door opens out, I would not paint it two different colors. However, if it opens in to the house, I think it would be fine to paint it 2 different colors.



mc2rwe said...

Well if you are painting the inside only then I would paint the background the peach color and the raised panels the gray. Or I would do it all in peach. Simply because I think more things can compliment peach then gray.


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