Monday, September 25, 2006

A one car family

We have one car and a family of eight.  I am so ready for us to get a more reliable vehicle for the family and a car for DH.  Our poor minivan is on its last leg.  It no longer has a muffler.  We lost it to a dear a while ago.  It also does not like wet weather.  If you go anywhere during the rain you should not turn the engine off as it may not start back up until it dries out, sometimes not until the next day.
Last night was the best though.  I ran into town which is 20 miles away.  I needed to get milk, bread, and butter.  I had bought the groceries and went to the van.  I opened the slider and put the groceries in and tried to close the door.  It was sticking so I pulled harder and I must be stronger than I thought because it fell onto the ground.  The only thing that kept it on the car was the bottom slider. I just stood and looked at it.  I could not believe that it was happening.  So being the genius that I am I called DH.  I thought he could jump into our "other" vehicle and come rescue me.  He laughed and said I am home with all six children.  I have no way to come help you.  Put the door in the van and come home.  WHAT??  I tried to get it back on.  Well a nice gentleman helped me wedge it in and strapped it to the car so it would not fall off.  I am so thankful DH keeps so much stuff in the car for just such an occasion.  After I got the car home it took 45 minutes to get the door back on and my van does not look the same.  I was put back on using a hammer.  Oh dear.  At least the children will not fall out when we go anywhere.  I am so praying for a van for the family.


OurLittleHomestead said...

Our Van is almost in the same shape...or well on its way.

I pray it will work out to get something more reliable...



tioga12 said...

That all sounds so old Buick for us, with three carseats in the backseat and no room for all the other not starting at store and no way to come help me unless a neighbor is rounded up to watch the kids...

The Lord knows your needs and he will provide in His time. Praying you soon find a better vehicle. :-)


southernbelle said...

I've had to be in situations similar in the past. I empathize with you. I do hope and I just prayed for God to provide yall with another vehicle and to take care of the one you have until then. I reminded myself and Him that nothing is too big for Him. Keep us posted.

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