Thursday, September 7, 2006

She's my friend

While I was cleaning my room this morning I had Sweet Pea on the bed watching me.  Mr. Bigstuff came in and snuggled up next to her on the bed.  She is at the stage where any attention is rewarded with a smile.  He talked with her for a few moments and then looked at me and said,  She is my friend.  I told him how happy that makes me and went on cleaning.  He looked up again and in a questioning tone of voice said  I'm married to her.  Oh how sweet.  He thinks you marry your friend.  I explained that no he was not married to her but he could still be her friend.  He ran off to play. 




I go to thinking about him and a wife, later on.  I know I should be praying for her and I do but not as often as I should.  I prayed for her, the girl my little boy would one day marry.  What is she doing today.  Is her little mind being prepared to be a mommy and a homemaker.  Hopefully she is already learning to take care of the home.  Setting the table and doing dishes.  Learning to sort laundry.  Does she have a sweet spirit, or is she loud and angry.  Then I thought of where all of this is coming from.  Her mother. 



Oh Dear Father, may I hold her and her parents up to you in prayer.  Her mother is with her guiding her, leading her, training her.   What wisdom and patience a mother needs.  Let us as mothers hold one another up in prayer and keep our children's future mates in prayer often.





jenwells said...

Thank you for sharing your heart! My little boy, age 5, has also said that he was married to a little girl at church. It is true that she will receive the training she needs from her mother. Thank you for the reminder to be praying for the future wives of our little boys and their parents. :)



clairebear said...

that is such an encouragement. I am having a little boy in several weeks, and it's great to think about other women praying for their children's futures.

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