Monday, September 4, 2006

We have a nursery for?

  I need to blow off a bit of steam after yesterday.I am not much on separating the family during services. My DH talked with our current preacher before we joined and let him know that we do not split up as a family. We worship together. Well things have been going rough at the church. And yesterday just took the cake so to speak. As service was starting my 20 month old decided to assert herself and not set. Well preacher looked over our way, we have one of the two babies in the church,  and said, I can not quote exactly but it was If the babies are not going to be quiet they need to go into nursery That is what it is there for. What is it there for? So she will learn, if she is bad that she gets to go play? That if I fuss enough I am allowed up? Nursery only trains bad habits in a little one that age. The Bible speaks in the old Testament of the entire congregation of Israel worshiping together, not relegating the little ones to a room were they could go wild. Please pray for us. We do not want to, nor will we split the family up at church


Anonymous said...


I feel you and your hubby are absolutely correct in keeping your family together at church service. I never used the nursery for my children and in no way advocate it's use. If the Pastor singles you out again, I would ask my husband to speak to him regarding the Biblical principles and your reasoning why you don't utilize the nursery.

Being also from Michigan, according to our Governor she just passed the bill into law requiring that all people working with children, adults, etc need to have a criminal background check done...that is great and about time..however, it is not a "National Check" as our country lacks that capability at this time. Being a parent of a child who was molested, you cannot be careful your gut feeling and keep your children with you.

God bless you all and I will keep you in my prayers.

mc2rwe said...

Praise the Lord!!! I am so incredibly blessed by your post. I believe the same as you do. We did not split our family up nor did our children sit apart from us as they got older. Even now when we can be together we all sit together... that is one large family because now as our sons and daughters get married and start their families we are just being blessed with a larger family!! But even as I say this I feel led to gently remind you to remember that the preacher is just a man with all the faults of said creature. Keep your eyes on God and He will never fail you... and keep a firm grip on your family... :)

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