Friday, September 15, 2006

Wow my 100 post


I was really suprised when I saw I have posted over 100 times.  Some of you ladies are way over that I know.  I just never excpected to come to that number so quickly. 



We have had one of those days already.  On Tuesday I found some eggs in the hen house.  Hurrah,  I was so excited.  Well this morning when I went out to feed the chickens I found a dead one in front of the house.  DH said it may have been hit and the dog then considered it free game.  He has never hurt any of the chickens yet and they have been out for almost 3 months.  They free range and he has always left them alone.  Oh I really hope it is not him.  I do not want to get rid of him but if it comes down to an animal that is productive or one that is not the non productive one goes.  Just the way life on a homestead has to be.

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DonnaJoy said...

Michelle -

I have been out of pocket for a while and decided tonight to visit all my old friends.

Your blog looks great - so warm and homey - it was great visiting with you again -

Keep us updated on the dog situation.



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