Wednesday, October 4, 2006

You can not be pulled over

Famous last words from Mr. Visionary.  He was trying to sleep in the car as I drove us home after a late night.  I was doing okay.  I always set my cruise and am very careful when I drive.  As I crossed over a road I saw that the car setting at the stop sign was a police officer.  I have never been pulled over and DH woke up just as the police officer made a u-turn.  He said that I could not be pulled over just as the lights came on.  I started to cry.  The police officer came and asked for my license.  He said our car was loud.  It might have to do with the fact that we are driving with half of a muffler.  I was sniffling and trying not to sob.  He asked where we were going and coming from.  From church and on our way home.  He gave back my license and said we could go.  I was so upset.  Oh well I am glad I did not get a ticket.


Pattisea said...

Last night my dh and I were coming home from bible school and an officer followed us for quite some time. It really makes me nervous, even though I don't THINK we were doing anything wrong.

I'm sorry you were pulled over, but happy there was no ticket or fine!

Have a better day!


Kitty said...

I have had one accident in my life, not my fault, I have also gotten 2 tickets, one a month ago. Both were for no seatbelts. I know, I know, how stubborn. lol. Mostly just forget to put it on.

But I do know how upsetting it is when you get pulled over. And sometimes they make you feel like your a criminal or something.

Have a good day.


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