Monday, November 13, 2006

All who sew PLEASE HELP


If you keep up with us you know Mr. Visionary is going to be candidating at this church again.  I need to get a new dress made.  I have the material to make a pettiblouse and a jumper but I do not have a jumper pattern.  I use my dress bodice for the pettiblouse bodice.  Is there any way I can alter the dress bodice into a jumper pattern?  Oh please respond as I do not have a whole lot of time to sew this but would really like to have something that is not stained up to wear on Sunday.  I need to be a good testimony to Mr. Visionary.


kimmie said...

have you checked with to see if you can get a pattern you desire for free to print at home? A lot of times you can download things like that for free :)

God bless!


HandsNHearts said...

Have you gotten one 'designed' out yet? I know my directions were a bit muddled. I'm a visual person and really work best when I cna explain something to someone else in person. I'm all over-kill when it comes to directions.


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