Saturday, November 11, 2006

A B C's of being a help meet

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A- Admit when you  are wrong
B- Be positive
C- Cuddle
D- Do it his way
E- Encourage him
F- Fix his breakfast
G- Give back rubs
H- Hug often
I- "I love you" should be said many times daily
J- Joke around in a playful manner
K- Know his needs
L-Listen to him
M- Manage your home well
N- Never hold grudges
O- Open your eyes in the morning and smile
P- Pray for him
Q- Quit nagging him
R- Reminisce about good times
S- Show respect and honor
T- Trust, and earn his trust
U- Understand his need for reverence
V- Vulnerability is a feminine trait; sultivate it
W- Wink at him
X- X is for private times
Y- yearn to please him
Z Zealously guard him with your love


submisive2him said...

It is true you use these ABC's and you will have a happy husband and a happy marriage

Anonymous said...

Absolutely true for a strong and FULLFILLING marriage. Would you mind if I borrwed this and posted it on my blog?


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