Saturday, November 18, 2006

It did not happen


I am so discouraged.  I worked on the dresses but could not get them done in time.  I used piping and I just could not get it to work properly.  I need to take the collar apart and try again.  Also I made the bodice to long on the jumper.  It is all fixable just to time consuming for me to do before we leave tomorrow. 


Speaking of tomorrow I am very nervous.  More than I was the first time we went to this church.  I am a very open person, hence this blog, and I get attached quickly to people.  And the people at this church where wonderful.  The more we go the more I am going to be wanting this to be the church for Mr. Visionary.  Is this making sense?  Also the children are also very open with people and they are already talking of when we move not if.  It is very great to see them excited about going to church.  They love having other children their ages. 


So it is off to Antrim tomorrow.  Please pray that we have a safe trip.  I am looking forward to going.  They are having a potluck and then a question and answer time afterwards.  I would really like to see what the parsonage looks like inside but all in good time.  


May you all have a blessed Lord's day. 

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katenicholl said...

Oh my goodness! You have an Antrim there too! I live in County Antrim!

Catherine :o)

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