Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursdays thirteen


1.  The smells,  cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice. 


2.  Being with my family


3.Doing puzzles


4. Playing board games with the children


5.  Sledding, last year we had enough snow to sled in.  The children had so much fun


6.  The dog show.  I do not like football but the dog show is on the same day and we love to watch the different breeds.  Our God sure does love variety.


7.  Leftovers  This is one of the few time we have them and I love to boil the turkey, after it has been picked clean and have turkey soup on friday.


8.  Studying the pilgrims  I love to take the time to study the wonderful christian heritage we have.


9.  Reading  The Light and Glory  with the children   (see #8)


10.  Listing all of the things the Lord has brought us to and through


11.  Seeing family memebers again.  One of the few times a year we see Mr. Visionaries family


12.  Taking the time to thank God for sending His son for us


13.  Getting the christmas music out.  We love to thank God so much for leaving all of the glories of the Heavens to come to earth, and he did it all for us.  We who are worthy of nothing but an eternity in hell.  What an awesome, sobering thought.

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