Tuesday, November 7, 2006

A voting disaster

I got out and voted today.  Mr. Visionary suggested that we go seperately to vote as he did not want to take all of the children out and we live close to the township hall.  So I went and voted.  Mr. Fix-it went with me to get a civics lesson.  After I came home I asked Mr. Visionary how it went here at the house.  Great he said looking up from his computer game.  It was time for me to go in and cook supper and boy did I get a suprise when I got to the kitchen.  All of the children where in watching a movie when I came home so in the few minutes that I was talking to Mr. Visionary Miss Busy took advantage of.  There she was standing in my sink with the water running, she had a lollipop in her mouth and her monster fangs in one hand.  The counter was wet but she had not filled the sink up yet.  I called Mr. Visionary in to take a look at her handy work.  We looked at each other and Mr. Visionary had to go into the other room to compose himself.  It is hard to discipline when you are laughing.  I scolded her and she started to sob.  She knew she was wrong so I did not spank as she was already sorry for what she was doing.  Oh what a joy children are!!!!!

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