Friday, November 17, 2006

What ever possesed me?!!


Someone once said you can get more done in the last minute.  I highly doubt they were working with a sewing machine.  I am fighting to get my dresses done and I had to take a break, before I break something.   My serger, which I am scared of, started to make an awful whine when I tried to use it.  I had gotten enough courage up to use it to finish the seams for me but I do not want to break it so it is off by it's lonesome.  Then my thread is running out and I broke a needle on top of everything else.  I NEED to get these dresses done. And then we have company coming over tonight.  AAAAAAAGGHHHHHHHHHHH.


I feel better.  Thanks for listening.


quiltercmr said...

Take a deep breath, try rethreading the machine and just remember how lovely it will feel to have the new dresses to wear. I've experienced the same frustration and just had to walk away from the machine for a bit.

kimmie said...

so right! just breathe easy.......


<br>praying for you across the miles!

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