Monday, November 6, 2006

Where oh where has my little goat gone?

She really is not that little so could not understand how she had seemingly vanished from our property.  She was not in the pen and was not wandering any where to be found.   My DH took off in the minivan to see if he could spot a wandering Alpine goat.  He  came back with a look that told me he had had no luck.  Mr. Bookworm came in and said not to worry that God had never failed us yet.  After he left I asked God to please not let down my son.  Just at that time Mr. Fix it came in yelling that he had found Rosie.  She had gotten stuck between the coop and the fence and would not move.  She could have backed out the way she got in but she did not want to go back and so Mr. Visionary had to try and pick her up over the fence.  She finally got mad and tried to turn away from him.  That is when she saw that she could go back the way she had come in.  Mr. Visionary quickly boarded up that part of the coop so she would not get into trouble again.  But once again she is gone.  Only this time I sent her away.  She is spending time with Billy Bob.  A friends buck.  I am praying for a nanny from her this spring as our need for goats milk is increasing. 


KimMC said...

So glad you found your goat and she was ok! I can't wait to see/hear what she has in the spring, maybe twins!

mc2rwe said...

Well I hope that your little goats "visiting" will be fruitful... Glad to see you back around... :)


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