Saturday, December 2, 2006

A good morning to you all


Well I am up and getting around.  It is a drive for us to get to church on time but it is so worth it to see Mr. Visionary preaching again. I did not know how much I missed hearing him until he started to preach again.  He is my favorite preacher.  I think he is the best but I could be a bit prejadicial.   Also they sent me home with some piano music last week and they want me to play for choir.  One of the references told them I played.  Yikes.  I have to work on getting some of the music ready.  With choir arrangments it takes me a while.  But I am having fun learning new pieces.  Mr. Visionary is so glad to hear me play.  I love to make him proud of me.  We are praying that next week we will be back to the church  and will be able to stay in the parsonage on Sat night so we do not have such a long trip in the morning.  If the vote is for Mr. Visionary I do not see that being a problem.  It would be great not having to get the children up so early.  Regardless of how the vote goes we will be back next week as it is the christmas program and the children have been given parts.  They are all so excited about that as they have never been in a program before.   I have been working with all of them to learn Luke 2:1-20 and even Mr. Bigstuff who is only 3can say it.  He needs more help than the others but he sounds so sweet quoting it.  Well I have rambled on enough on this cold morning.   You all have a great Lord's day.

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kimmie said...

praying your day was blessed!

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