Monday, December 11, 2006

Growing Men


I know that I do not do things normally here in our home.  But I am looking for unusual results for our children.  Today's generation of young "adults" is nothing but a bunch of grown up children looking for the next thrill.  Call me crazy but I do not want that for my little men.  I want my children to group up to be adults, not just old children.  To that end they are all given as much responsability as they can handle.  My job as parent is not to make sure they have a "fun" childhood.  That is a worldly idea that the church has adopted.  But my job is to make sure that they are equipped to be the men that God wants them to be.  So they have chores.  I know it is probably alot more than most children but I do not want my boys to be like most children.  Well today as they were cleaning the kitchen after lunch, they never came out.  That is not like them as they are normally ready to get out of there as quickly as they can.  The kitchen is womans work.  Mr. Visionary went to check on them and they were calmly sitting at the kitchen table coloring while listening to a preaching tape that they had put in.  It is times like this that I have hope that they will all turn out right.  I just had to brag on my little men.


morningsunshine said...

ooops! that was supposed to be "you have every right"

morningsunshine said...

I am glad you have the courage to not be "normal". I love it when they do things like that... surprising mommy with happy and peaceful moments - on their own. who have every right to be pleased with them!

karenhuse said...

I am to striving to raise my boys up to be Godly gentelmen too. It is more challenging but the pay off is eternal.

gokings13 said...

Whimpy, childish men are not God's design! It is satan who is destroying the *head* of the family and confusing the gender roles. Unfortunately churches are spending MILLIONS of dollars on the latest and greatest "youth centers" designed to "entertain" the youth..........not Grow them up for the Lord's work!!

I have been told that I am rasing a "cave man" because of the way I am raising my son. I take that as a compliment!!!

Good for you!!

HandsNHearts said...

Amen Michelle. If more families would worry more about growing Godly adults than in cultivating childhood fun what a different world we would have now. Instead, we have the results of Dr Spock and all the other psychologists who touted damaged self-esteem and created a generation of spoiled big kids thinking they deserve whatever simple because they breath air.

I wish...I pray fervently...that parents would get their minds and hearts around a vision of what a family serving the Lord in every step of life could be like! Just imagine the blessings we would all reap from that harvest!


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