Thursday, December 21, 2006

I stand with Deanna

No I am not looking for trouble.  But I do want people to know that there are more of us out there than they would like to believe.  Yes we have a large family, we headcover, we homeschool.  We are dedicated Christians that believe the word of God(KJB) to be our finalo authority.  NOT what some pastor, priest, or pope tells me to belive. 

I always find a visit to Abundant Blessings Homestead  to be uplifting and a great encouragement. 

And as for me I will continue to visit and encourage Deanna to post.  The Lord wants people to take a stand for him.  We can not stop just because it offends some people. 


Kitty said...

Amen to that. I truely believe that we don't all have to agree to get along. We may not have all the same opions, but thats what makes us different. We need to live and let live.

Have a great day.


kimmie said...

I am sorry if someone has upset you, or the blog that you referred to....but as we all know, if we follow the world, we arent following JESUS.......and as for me & mine we will follow HIM.

Tinakay said...

I will not pretend to know what happened. I do not! But I have had nothing but encouragement going over and visiting Deanna\'s Blog. Of course I do not have to agree with her (so far I do). There are so many of us on this blog site and we are all so different and believe diffent things. It all comes down to the Word of God and what it says.

Tina Kay

HandsNHearts said...

Dear Sister Michelle,

Your post truly blesses me, and I hope, does not bring along the days I have had recently -- unless of course in the growth aspect! I have had some ill comments, both coming in and leaving from my blog of late, but the only regrets are that I spoke in haste and did not word myself properly and in a manner befiitting a Christian callling herself a Daughter of the King as I should have each time.

I am truly humbled that you have shared your heart and chosen to include me in that. I am most blessed by counting you among my friends and Sisters in Christ.

And praise Him that even among the ills we all face and tread through in this life, we can always look UP and follow His Perfet example....and when we stumble in that task, we can rest assured He is pausing for us to repent and catch back up! I would have nothing in this life if I didn't have that promise in Him.


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