Friday, December 22, 2006

roasters, turkeys, and oven bags

After much looking I found some good info on this and it is possible to cook your turkey in a roaster provided you have a rack for the inside.  Praise the Lord one came with the roaster we have.  As to the oven bags DO NOT use.  They will stick to the roaster and everyone said they make an awful mess.  Something I really do not want to deal with tomorrow.  So I will be up at 5 to get the turkey in.  Yes I bought a mamoth turkey but that way we have leftovers for a while.  I always bag up shredded turkey in 3 cup sizes so I have it on hand.  It freezes very well that way.  Also nothing can top homemade turkey soup.


HandsNHearts said...

I'm sorry I missed this, but seems you found your information :o)

We have used our roaster for years to do turkeys -- until 3 years ago when Dewey 'discovered' deep frying a turkey was not going to produce the massive, dripping with grease bird he envisioned ;o) I have gladly relinquished the "Queen of the Turkey" title over to my King Turkey now :o)



Andrea said...

A truly holy and blessed Christmas to you and yours. :)

Lovingly and always~ Andrea

4byGodsgrace said...

How did your turkey come out? I was just given a Nescoe roaster for Christmas and one of the things I've been excited about is trying to roast turkeys in it! :O)

God bless,


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