Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tough Decisions


Homesteading does make it so that you have some tought choices to make.  Today was one of those days.


We have been having a squirrel problem in the hen house.  It was packing so many nuts behind the insulation that it was popping it off of the walls.  Mr. Visionary had gotten rid of the squirrels that where living in our home with rat traps with great success.  They died instantly and so we decided to use the rat trap in the hen house.  Well tonight he brought the rat trap in with a squirrel that gotten her arm caught.  She was in alot of pain and we thought we should put her out of her misery.  Also we did not know how long she had been in the trap.  It was set two days ago.  The children did not want her to die.  They thought we might be able to do something for her.  We discussed it and told them papa would do what he could and then sent them all to watch a movie. 


Mr. Visionary and I took her out and she was looking at you but there was no recognition of anything.  I go water and she could not swallow.  We decided that the best thing would be for her to not be in pain.  The children only know that she is not hurting any more.  I could not bear to tell them that she would not make it.  It is times like this I am glad that I am not the man around the house.

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maa said...

We have had to make decisions like that before and it is so hard. Our neighbor had to do the task of putting the animal out of pain.You seem to be a kind caring person who did what you felt was best for the suffering animal.

maa's mom

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