Wednesday, December 6, 2006

A waiting game


Being very frank I am not a good waiter.  I have a horrible time being patient but there is nothing else to do but pray and wait.  The church up north will be voting on us tonight.  Many prayers have been going up to the Lord.  We are all praying that we will be voted in.  Yes that does mean that we will be moving during Christmas but I can think of nothing better for Mr. Visionary than a church to Pastor in.  The children would also be gaining a playground and seperate rooms for the boys and girls.  A house, Oh that would be wonderful.  Yet I am praying that the Lord would make me content with whatever he decides.  It has been so long since we last had a church family to minister to and we fit in so very well here.  So we will wait.  I hope we get a call tonight.  I will post as soon as we find out.  Please keep us in your prayers.


kimmie said...

oh hon you know that I am praying....

CatherineAnn said...

Waiting is soooo hard! We also are playing the "waiting game"... praying for you and yours !



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