Tuesday, January 2, 2007

An old mattress, steps, five children, and one childlike mom

What does that all add up to?  Alot of fun.


Two years ago we where given an old mattress.  I say old because it came from a hotel and it was OLD.  But it was king sized and when your Mr. Visionary is 6'7" you need a big mattress.  But lately my back has been hurting and I asked if we could please go back to the newer queen size that we have.  Well he did not want to haul the mattress up stairs so we just laid it on the foyer steps as we do not use that door at all in the winter.  After the bed was all set up again with the queen sized I went and looked at the other mattress on the steps.  Looked like a great slide to me so I sat down and tried it out.  Miss Busy came to see what mama was gigling about and thought she would have a go.  Eventually we all were lined up, six in a row.  We all could go at one time.  We had a blast.  So much fun and for so little time or money.  So often children now days are stripped of the joy of the little things.  We did not need to plug this in.  Nor did it have any bells or whistles attached and yet we had a wonderful time together.  We have fun like this each day.  Just the simple things.  Making paper airplanes,  One day we spent most of the day and all of the scrap paper in the home just trying out different designs.  Which went farther, the longest, the highest.  Could you make an airplane that Miss Busy would not try and eat.  So cheap and so fun.

What have you done today to tie your childrens heartstrings to you?


j706nancyr said...

Sounds like wonderful fun! I wish we could get back to simple fun like that more often.

I have to say at least my ds and his friends spend alot of thier time in the woods camping or exploring or what ever. I think that is so much better than the video games they play. My ds has no video games, but his friends bring thiers over sometimes. I am glad to see them head out to the woods instead.

Simple, fun and imagination...where did all that go?


kimmie said...

I am teaching my children how to sew, cook, fix things, and the sort (depending on which child that it is!).....

it is so important to have this time when they are small like yours are for sure.........blessings for you hon.

HandsNHearts said...

We checked out a book from the local library on paper airplanes....who would have thought someone put together a WHOLE BOOK on that topic??!!

We had so much fun testing out all those weird designs! And we ran out of scrap paper...so they emptied the printer tray ;o)

Empty boxes...kitchen pans and spoons...who needs a $50 set of Lincoln Logs?


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