Monday, February 19, 2007

The most unusual pet

Mice are not my favorite animals to keep for a pet.  I do not do rodents with tails.  Mr. Visionary know this and yet a few weeks ago he and Mr. Bigstuff went on a date and they brought home a new pet.

This was really big for Mr. Bigstuff because he has been so hard on the pets here in the house.  We have gone through 4 fish, and 2 hamsters with him and I did not have any intentions of letting him have another animal to care for.  But he and papa went and bought a pet.  They showed me it in the box and when it tried to jump on me I had a fit.  A MOUSE.  I hate mice and told Mr. Bigstuff so.  He started to cry and so me and cow, that is the mouses name, had to dance to make it up to Mr. Bigstuff. 

Last week the mouse got out of his home and I was not happy.  I really did not want to have to set a trap for cow and yet I did not want Mr. Bigstuff to find his mouse dead by the cat. Later in the week the children said cow was back in his cage.  Animals do not normally put themselves in cages and so I thought maybe we had just over looked him.  That is until Saturday night.  While in bed I heard some rustling and asked Mr. Visionary to check it out. Yeah I am not the brave one.  It was cow making himself at home on our floor.  I was ready to set a trap but we did not do it.  Sunday morning while I was getting ready for church I saw a black and white mouse running  around on our stairs.  Cow was back.  I sat down and watched and that stupid mouse crawled through the bars of his cage and started to happily run on his wheel.  I figure if we will keep feeding him in his cage he will continue to come home but I am really not all that happy about my free range mouse.

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Auntie said...

My kids have mice too but if they ever got out they would soon be consumed by household pets, so I keep them in a fishtank with a screened lid I bought at the pet shop and this has worked well for us. The lady we bought the mice from said the mice would stick around like pets if you let them out and I guess she was right! :o)

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