Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mother Daugher Luncheon

The fun of being a Pastor's wife starts. 

Some how I have been able to avoid speaking at ladies meetings and such like until now.  We live to far from any of the normal speakers that I normally call on. 

So  GULP, it is me this year. 

I thought it would be fum to have a theme so I looked around and found one called

When Life Hands You a Lemon.

It looks like fun.  I will be taking ivy and draping it down the middle of the table and then adding lemons every so often.  DH is building me a lemonaide stand and the ladies will sign in there.  I am still leaning names and so we are doing name tags. 

I am redoing a bulliten board.  Any ideas for that would be great. 

Then for gifts I am making magnets shaped like lemons out of foam board.  I am writting our theme verse on it.  the verse is out of James.  Count it all joy.

Then I will speak on queen Esther and how she handled the lemons that came her way and how we need to repsond. 

I hope it goes well.


morningsunshine said...

I like that verse in relation to the lemons theme. it gives a different perspective to the trials we face in this life. thank you.

LivingSimple said...

..Thinking Bloggers Award...Love your blog...


kayinpa said...

Sounds like fun! Are you going to have some lemon desserts to like: Lemon Merangue (spelling?), Lemon cake, lemon pudding etc! Let us know how it goes! Better you than me regards to public speaking (Thats why I didnt marry a pastor, amongs other reasons (like that wasnt my hubbys career LOL)...

In regards to the cursor game, sorry I just couldnt resist! :)

Sara said...

The pastor's wife at our church recently did something along that theme and it was wonderful! We had such a great time!

Good luck and many blessings,


BlueApple said...

HI there! I want to read your literary Meme but it's a locked entry for me! Can you add me to your friends? Thanks!

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