Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mother Daugher Luncheon


Deep cleansing breaths,  It is all over.   Yes the mother daughter luncheon went very well.  Everyone had a good time and the dinner went ok.  We had both batches of soup scorch so DH rushed out and got some more soup.  Lunch was later than excpected but we just played the games first and no one seemed to mind.  The ladies are asking when we can do that again.  AAAGHHHHHHHHHH.  Ok it was not that bad.  We will do it again in august.  But currently I am working on plans for July.  DH is praying for 3 new families to join the church and I think that would be great.  Thing are going well just VERY busy.

Here is a link so you can see the luncheon.  The password is sunshine.


morningsunshine said...

love it!!!! simple decorations and colors, but lovely! Can I steal it? I think the "count it all joy" is what I needed to hear today.

Thanks for the pictures

BlueApple said...

It looks so lovely! What a beautiful gathering!

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