Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A tired baby and a blogging mama

My number 2 DD will not take naps so I end up sitting outside of her room and monitor her so she will stay in bed.  I am so tired of this everyday. 



Kitty said...

First let me say that I just love your little cursor sunshine thingy.

Secondly, my last child, now 14, never slept not even at night. I was so worn out for about a year and a half. Somedays i would just sit and cry from lack of sleep and being so tired. The only thing I can suggest is let her cry herself to sleep or just pray, lol. Both will work eventually, lol.

I wish I could have been more of a help to you, my dear cousin is going threw the same thing you are. Her dd never ever ever sleeps, poor thing she is going threw the ringer.

Try and have a good day


gokings13 said...

I had three children in four years........and ALL of them quit taking naps at about 14 months! I also didn't 'make them' take naps. If they acted like rear ends, I would make them sit in the big chair, and if it was because they were tired, they fell asleep there! It wasn't worth the day in day out fight to get them to sleep if they were not tired!

There is SO much of their "babyhood" I simply don't remember because I was so exhausted from being so busy, all the time!

I don't have any brilliant advice for you, but take A LOT of pictures and video while they are little so that you can 'remember' more when they are older! :-)

The good news is this, as they get older and go through puberty.........they sleep SO much more! ((they are probably making up for when they were toddlers...little stinkers!!))

I am praying for you!


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