Friday, July 13, 2007

More on what the Lord is doing.

After the Lord gave us a new car we started praying for a home in the country.  We found a place that we liked.  Three bedroom, almost 20 acres, pond, barns, fenced pasture.  Just what we need to start homesteading.  But getting a home is once again tied up with your credit.  Well the children being full of faith said, we will pray, God gave us a car he can give us a home.

So pray we have and then last Monday Mr. Visionary called and said the realitor contacted him to let him know someone else made an offer on the home we were praying for.  Oh how I cried.  He told me who had made the offer and they were buying it so we could live there rent free!!!!!  Much shouting and praising the Lord has been going on.  I am MOVING TO THE COUNTRY!!!!! 

Oh how awesome is our God and so often we doubt him.  God is doing great things for us.  Closing is on Monday and I am so anxious to get out and move in.  YIPPEE country living for me!!


morningsunshine said...

oh, the Lord does provide!

Praises to God!

thecottageporch said...

Congratulations!! That is fantastic news! I hope you can post lots of pictures!!

gabbie427 said...

What a suprising blessing!!! How wonderful. Congrats on getting to move to the country!

lisamarie said...

I am so happy for you! I bet you are just thrilled! So what are your major plans for the houseand when do you move in?

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