Friday, August 24, 2007

Wow Time sure has flown. The Lord has provided a lovely spot in the country for us. We are enjoying it very much.

But once again we ran into problems with choices for ISP. The first company came out and said they would have to install a pole to put the dish on. It would have cost alot more than what we wanted to pay. So we went with a cable company. No cable TV for us though just the internet. They think you are a bit weird but they will do it. Well, they got it all hooked up and we tried to get on the internet. It would only go to certain sites and none of the ones I use on a regular basis. Yikes. We called and no one at the company could help us. We stumped everyone. I asked if we needed a different modem. Oh no that could not be the problem. After three days of talking to different people they said it was our computer. Well DH hooked a different computer up and it did the same thing. Back to the phones. They finally sent someone out but he could only check the hardware. He decided to try a new modem and YIPEE it worked. So I am back online.

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