Friday, September 7, 2007

A quick update

It has been to long.  We are getting used to our new home and life in the country.  We are getting a breeding pair of goats on friday.  The Lord has provided them free of charge.  She has already kidded once with no problem so I am looking forward to having a baby goat this spring and fresh milk for my little ones.  Hopefully we can start making goats milk soap to sell.

We also received a gift of two buck rabbits.  They are so sweet looking.  One will be going into the freezer as soon as he is big enough.  Then someone down the street sells rabbits.  They sell for $5 apiece so I will be picking up 2 females in the next week or two.

This spring we will be getting our chickens.  I am looking into getting 100 and butchering 50, and keeping the rest as layers.

Other than that not much going on.  Here are pictures of the bathroom.   It is the only room near being finished with the decorations.






mccrjill said...

I love all the mooses!! Jill

Comfortcottage said...

We will soon be moving into a dear older home with a tiny bathroom. Your's is an inspiration! Now, I think I can really do something with my small space.

God bless!!

MyThreeDaughters said...

Came here from the forum and added you to friends. So nice to see your face and your bathroom lol.

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