Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Learning to Shop smart


This is so neat and I just have to share. You can make money by shopping. Yes by spending you can earn.

How can this be so. Well if you have a CVS, RiteAid, or Walgreens you can.

I will take Walgreens as that is the one I am learning to do this from. Walgreens has monthly rebates. And if you get your rebate put on a gift card they give you 10% back.

For example last month I bought a toothbrush, I am starting small, it was 5.00. It had a 5.00 rebate so it was free, but I had the rebate sent to my giftcard so I received my 5.00 + 10% which equalled 5.50. So they payed me to buy the toothbrush.

Now some of you are probably asking if I needed a toothbrush, yes actually I did, but think of your church food closet or missionary pantry. This would by an awesome way to keep this stocked and be a wise steward of the money that the Lord has given you.

Here is a
great place
to read up on how to do this and learn all of the angles of this. I am just taking it one step at a time.

Have fun doing this. I will keeping track of how much I earn doing this.

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