Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So not a Calvin and Hobbes blog

If you read my blog for any period of time you will find that I am so not a calvin and hobbes type of blogger.
What do I mean by that???
There is a comic where Calvin wanted Hobbes to take a picture of him in case he became famous one day. So he cleaned off a corner of his bed, brushed his hair, and sat down to read a book. Hobbes said that that was nothing like what he was really like but Calvin said it would look good in case he became famous. He could show him what his "childhood" was like. Hobbes's reaction to this was "Is this legal?"
I think sometimes we blog like that. We only say what good is going on in our lives. We show the prim, proper, polished person (how is that for alliteration!!) that we WISH we always where.
I am not like that. You will see me as I really am. I am on a journey. I have not arrived but I am not going to just give up. I may fall down but I will get up, dust myself off, and keep trudging along.
Just thought I should let you all know.
Blessing to you on your journey
Mrs. B


JTR said...

I appreciate that. I like it when ppl are real. They are much more likeable. :) I enjoy reading your blog.

Jamie Stroupe said...

very well said, I enjoy your posts, and your opinion matters a lot to me and I am sure that it matters to others. If you step on any other toes that must mean that they need it also.


Sharon said...

I like real people and those who get back up and dust themselves off.

Modest Mama said...

Thank you all for the comments.

~In HIS Keeping,
Mrs. B~

Homesteader in Training said...

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You said you had a question about my blog layout. You can email me at goofyhappysilly at bellsouth dot net. I'd be happy to answer any questions that you have.

amy phillips said...

I enjoyed your blog. Nice way of 'keeping it real'

Laurie Ann said...

Honesty and transparency are good things. No one lives perfect lives all the time. Thanks for keeping it real.

Deborah said...

I liked this post. It's how I feel too. In between my posts of lyrics and songs etc, are the 'real' me posts about real life in our home!

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