Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

This Tuesday I am not doing anything flashy or really that I can take pictures of because I am organizing my online photos.

Yeppers you heard correctly.

I had to get a new computer. Unlike my Mr. Visionary I HATE new computers. He decided it was time after I got something on my old one and it was crawling along. So I had to put all of my photos onto disc and start the transfer process over to my new computer. (For those of you who are into computers he said it has a quad processor????)

So I am organizing them but I have yet to find a REALLY good way to do this so for now I have folders for each of the children. Then I have event folder (ie Christmas 07, Iowa trip, Pastor's school.....) Then When I get all of the events done I take and copy the really really cute ones over into the childrens folders. I also made folders for craft projects, home (for those pics I like to take of my house when it is clean. and a few other odds and ends.

Once this is all done maybe I can get back to digital scrapbooking.


The Watchman said...

Use picasa, from google, you can do all kinds of cool stuff with your photos, along with putting tags on them. Depending on how many photos you have, tagging is a great option, even if it's just on the most recent photos and all new ones you put on. Then you can just download your photos onto your computer in folders by the date that they were created (or whatever). Then when you want a particular photo, use picasa to search for a particular tag i.e. Andrew, Illinois, or coolest person we know :) Also you can store up to 2G online with picasa, choose to leave the photos secure so noone else can view them or leave them open so people can flip through your photo albums. You can also cheat and have multiple picasa online accounts and store all your photos online, you'll just have to remember which account has which photos.

What brand of computer?

Modest Mama said...

Thanks, we use Photobucket, but I did not orgaize it when I started so it is a mess.

As to the computer it is a Dell. quad processor and something about a lot of memory. I am not sure. Just know my internet is sooooooooo much faster.

Gotta love anniversaries. :D

Lynne said...

That's a big project! Organizing anything on the computer is tedious (at least for me). Good luck with your tackle. :-D

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