Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wow, I won!!!

No not the aprons, though if you want to vote for me, Mrs. B head over to (Can you tell I REALLY want those aprons for me and my three daughters?!)

I won my first Blog award. Kim has awarded me the Marie Antoinettr award. It is an award for ~being a real person~ My husband always said I was very transparent.

Really I do need to thank my family for allowing me to blog. They are the ones who give mefodderinformation to blog about.

I will be real here and admit it made me cry to get my first award. I am a sappy sentimental type of person. (I cry at the commercial for coffee when Peter comes home and yes, I just had to watch it again.) I have read some blogs where it is to perfect does that make sense to anyone out in blog land.

I did not want mine to become that way and wow, to win an award for that. Thanks Kim!!!

Ok now for the rules. The Marie Antoinette ~ A Real Person Award.The rules for this award are to display the icon, and pass it along to seven (7) other bloggers that you feel are real in who they are.

Well I am so new to blogging so I am not sure if I can get 7 but here goes.
Home Schooling Baptist Brood~This is a friend that I made in my DH first pastorate. I love her blog and she keeps it real.

A Magnolia's Hearbeat ~Always a blessing to read

Her Peculiar Life~Just found out she is also on my forum

Simply Susan~Been reading her for a while

Frugal Mama of 3~Had the privalage of leading Lisa to the Lord!!

Hmm, look likes that all for now. I will think on it some more.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning your first blog award! I also voted for you over at "The Chicken Dance Giveaway". I'd like to thank you for becoming a "follower" of my blog, and I look forward to exploring your site, too!


Lisa said...

OH MY! You are giving me my first blog award! THANK you!

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Oh! I just realized that you passed the Marie Antoinette on to me also!

Thank you so much,
the other Mrs. B

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