Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Blog Party

What a wonderful way to get to know more Titus 2 ladies.
Ok here is my intro.
I am the wife of a pastor who is currently without a church. We are using this time to pray and seek God's will for our lives.
We have 7 children with number 8 on the way. The children are in a christian school for the first time. (It was a sad day when they went to school, I really miss homeschooling but Mr. Visionary wanted them to have this chance to go to school) As that last line indicates we strive to be a papa led home. It is hard for me and this blog will have my victories and my failings on it.
I tend to be a very transparent blogger. I enjoy reading blogs and learning how to be the wife and mother that God needs me to be.
I enjoy learning about organization, child training, submission, healthy living.
If I think of anything more to add to this I shall.
Good to meet you all.


Michelle said...

Mrs. B. Welcome to the party! So glad you joined in. congratulations on number eight, we have nine and love it. I understand that it must be hard to send the kids to school, I can't imagine, but you do well to follow your man! Good job for following him, not your wants.

I hope you have a lovely week!

Amazed by His Grace,
She Looketh Well

Civilla said...

Hi! I am also a pastor's wife, and we are back in a church after being almost a year without one. We have 2 college-aged sons, public schooled.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hi Mrs. B! How are you this week? Congrats on #8, so many many blessings!!

Here are some big hugs from one pastor's wife to another! We were without a church for a long time and it is good to be back, starting a brand new church this time! Lots of work, but exciting to see how God works and does everything in His timing.


Linda said...

Mrs. B,
Good to meet you today. It sounds like you have a happy and blessed family.

I have read so many posts today and found many pastor's wives and missionary families. Praise God! It is a blessing to find so many people with a true love of God and hearts to serve Him.

If you have time you might like to visit my site and read my poem today. it is called, "I Am Held".


Karen said...

Hello, Mrs. B,
Congratulations on #8! Hope you are doing well!! God bless.

noel2momof3 said...

We are homeschoolers - for now. My husband wants the kids to go to a school to get an accredited diploma at some point. I will miss them, but I know that in these days it's a necessary. Sometimes I feel that life is so good I'm living in a bubble that could pop at any moment. I cherish what I have now in my home.

BellaMama said...

Congratulations on your next baby!! What a joy to be in a place to submit to your hubby! I hope your pregnancy is so easy and you see each and every blessing for obeying God and doing what your hubby wants!!


Linda said...

Nice to meet you.

For Their Future said...

Glad to meet you!
How sad to see your blessings go away to school! I pray that God be with you and yours. We are starting homeschooling (our's are young!).
Congratulations on your new baby!
Hugs, from a sister in Christ,

Deanna said...

Welcome to the Titus 2 Blog Party!
This is a new adventure for me.
God richly Bless you in the adventure you are about to enter into as your Husband takes a new Church to Pastor.
Hope you'll stop by my site in the near future.
Deanna from the Kansas Flinthills

Anonymous said...

fantastic news about number 8!!!

Jules said...

Hi Mrs B, It's so lovely to meet you and to visit your blog. We have five children and when my children 'outgrew' the local Christian school I sought the Lord in prayer about homeschooling but the Lord didn't open that door and our children all attended the local state high schools. It was scary but God is faithful and He looked after our children. Homeschooling or Christian schooling or even a Christian family does not make someone a Christian. Our children must make that decision for themselves - no one can make it for them. So don't despair. Pray for your children and trust them to God. He won't let you down. Blessings, Jules

Connie said...

Another hug from a pastor's wife. This congregation doesn't put me in a fish bowl so I am enjoying that.
I pray these are good times for you.

Congrats on your expected one!

Have a blessed week,

busymomof10 said...

Hi! Welcome to the blog party! It has been a fun week, sharing from our hearts, and "meeting" other like-minded sisters!

Congratulations on blessing #8! We have 10.

I started homeschooling when my oldest daughter was 5 and homeschooled my two oldest daughters all the way through to college. Now, my three oldest sons attend a christian school. They really like it and have had some great opportunities to play a variety of sports, be involved in student government (my oldest son is student body president), and be involved in other organizations. They have really blossomed in this situation! Perhaps you will see the same to be true for your children. At least you were able to give them the very best foundation by homeschooling! And, you are modeling true submission and obedience to them, which will speak volumes into their lives!! May the Lord bless your family and continue to give your husband direction and wisdom for the family and give you grace to trust in his direction.


American Home said...

You have a beautiful blog.
I have enjoyed reading it. I taught in Christian Schools for 23 years. I loved every minute of it. I hope your children enjoy their time in school.

For Their Future said...

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God bless us mothers and give us courage and wisdom!

A sister in Christ,

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