Monday, March 2, 2009

Fifths Disease, Influenza and Extreme Morning Sickness

Oh boy has alot been happening here.

We had fifths diesease going through the school the children are attending. It is one of those illnesses that you do not know you have until you are done being contagious. I had to read up on it as I did not have any info on it before

After we had all been exsposed to this we ended up getting influenza. Not just the stomach virus but the nock you flat on your back influenza and being as it is a virus you have to let it run it's course, it's 2 week per person course. YUCK!!

Then on top of all of this I have extreme morning sickness. Yes it is so bad we carry a bucket in the car just for those moments. Oh I HATE it. I tend to sleep alot as you can't vomit while sleeping. So that is what has been going on here.

I am so glad to be finally getting over all of the illnesses and praying that the morning sickness goes away quickly.


mrshester said...

I'm so sorry you all have been so sick! I remember how horrible those bugs were when I was a kid, we've been blessed in our house so far. But there's just the two of us, maybe it figures there aren't many to attack so what would the fun be in that? :) I hope you all are well soon!!

-S- said...

My prayers will be with you! Sick babies are no fun at all.

noel2momof3 said...

Hope your family gets the rest and healing they need! Our prayers are with you.

Shannon said...

Make sure your care provider knows that you have been possibly exposed to Fifth's Disease. It can be dangerous to your baby. I have a friend who's kids got it. It seemed that everyone but her had it, but when her OB did the test for it she found out that she also had contracted it. She did not have any symptoms. Thank God her baby was not affected, but there is a risk to be concerned about.

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