Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What an exciting day

As those of you who read my blog now, I had my day planned out. We had some banking to do, running papa's lunch to him, shopping, library day etc.

Well we got every one around and started to town,  It is only 8 miles from our house,  we stopped to see what papa wanted for lunch and then headed to walmart to get his lunch for him.  While there I realized I was having some major female issues,  took care of the problem or so I thought,  Took lunch to papa and then took the kiddos to the dollar store.  Then it hit me that this was not just a heavy cycle.  I had gone through a ton of stuff in only a half hour.  I was gonna have a big mess on my hands in the store if I didn't hurry out to the car.  

I lined the kiddo's up, rushed them through the register.  And told them to buddy up and load each other up.  I got the baby out of her wrap that I had her in, she went into her car seat, the kiddos did AWESOME.  Then I looked around and praise the Lord I had a towel in the car.  

So out comes the cell phone.  And calling my Ob/Gyn,  and yes she is on speed dial on my phone.  Got a hold of her and the nurse said don't even come in, don't go anywhere but to the ER.  Great,  I have 8 kids with me.   And I am supposed to go to the ER.  Also hubby just started a day job along with his night job and he had only 12 hours of sleep since Thursday and I really didn't want to call him on his first day on the job.  But it was a job that he had worked before and the boss is a great guy so I called hubby and told him what was going on.  What do you want me to do with the kids?  COME PICK ME UP!!!  

So back to hubbies work I go.  He got in and looked at me and said I needed to go to ER.  I told him how much "stuff" I was going through and he said he was glad I was going.  I had had some problems last month.  And he said when he had realized how bad it was he had wanted to take me last month.  

Not to be to graphic but I had been playing a game with one of the kids at the dining room table and gushed blood all over everything.  He said that had scared him.  

So I get to the ER and tell the triage nurse what is going on and they do all the vitals and send me back into the waiting room.  I had to ask for some stuff to hold me over until I got back to see a doctor but I still made a mess in the waiting room.  Which was terribly embarrassing but I guess they are used to it. 

Our pastor came and took our suburban full of kiddos back to the parsonage where he and his wife could watch them!!  Praise the Lord for wonderful church family.

Then we get back and they do blood work and make sure that my blood pressure is not bad.  I get some HRT and an appointment to my Ob/Gyn and told they think it is fibroids and sent home with instructions to rest and DRINK.

The resting is not a problem as I am soooo tired.  I went to bed, got up for supper and went back to bed.  

Just waiting for my appointment,  hoping to get some more answers.

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