Sunday, April 11, 2010

What is in on your heart

Wow, it seems as if I keep starting and stopping.

Yes this is a reaccuring theme in my life. Projects are fun to start but eventually you must finish them. I sew the way I blog, in spurts. It is an all or nothing proposition for me.

But God is looking for people who are faithful. Oh I don't mean that you can't take a break from blogging or even drop it. But he wants us to be faithful to him. And what he has called us to do.

Bible reading is something that is done in fits of great energy or not at all here. But that is not what my Abba wants. He wants to spend time with me.

So when does a mama of 8 carve out time to read her Bible and talk with her Abba.
Sigh~The morning.

So many scriptures talk about getting up early, Christ himself arose a great while before day and went alone into a solitary place. Sounds like a place that a mama could go to and get some much needed mana from heaven.

Speaking of getting food from heaven reminds me of the passage in Proverbs 31. Yes, that woman again. It says she riseth while it is night and giveth meat to her household. One application that I have heard before is she is getting up early and getting into the word so she has something to give to her family from God's word.

How am I supposed to give my children what they need if I myself am not feed. The attitudes and actions that I need can only be in me if I get with my Abba and am refreshed. My family needs me to take this time in the mornings

I love the words to the Steve Green song

In The Morning

In the morning deep calls to deep
In the morning, you quietly speak.
In the morning, you find those who seek,
In the morning.

In the morning, I bring my request.
In the morning, each care is confessed.
In the morning, you quiet unrest
In the morning.

In the morning, I listen and wait.
In the morning, faith anticipates.
In the morning, you make my way straight,
In the morning.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. In the morning, deep calls to deep. In the morning you quietly speak. In the morning you find those who seek, in the morning, in the morning.

That is my prayer, that I will be with my Abba in the morning, so I can make it through the day!!


The Real Me! said...

Hitting the nail right on the head my friend. I could have wrote this myself.
Thank you for it today!

Mrs.B said...

Thank you so much Kim
~In HIS Keeping,

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