Thursday, May 6, 2010

The original octomom

Ok there are only 7 there at the table cause the one is still a little thing

Here she is.

I just had to share this I thought it was so funny.

I was doing a phone survey and they needed to know how many kids I had.  I calmly answered 8.  Oh my she said.  Then you have some under the age of 12.  Taking a deep breathe I said, 

(Yes,  all of them.  

Pause.  Oh my goodness do yo....

No, no twins all single births.

Goodness,  you are the original octomom!!

(laughing)  Actually my kids wanted to know why there isn't a show about us.  I told them,  8 kids, no fertility drugs, no multiply births,  I told them we aren't that interesting.

I would watch a show about that type of family.)

LOL,  great now the kids will be petitioning for their own show.  I told them about being the original octomom.  They thought it was hilarious.  Glad they could laugh,  they don't have to do the laundry for all of us!


Life of a plainlady said...

I have 6 children, what does that make me?

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing this cute story! You must be a busy lady, but you have the finest profession...A Mother!
May God bless you greatly!

kanishk said...

Thanks for sharing this cute story!
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Crystal Roberts said...

I loved reading this entry. i have 5 children 6 1/2 and under so I can relate a little! We actually had our 4 before our oldest was 4 : ) I will be following your blog, I really enjoyed it1

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