Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fuzzi Bunz~Review

I just could not resist this sweet print that I found this cloth diaper in

I mean really who could resist this diaper.  So sweet on my little baby girl.

Having only done one other type of one size diapers I wanted to give the "NAME" diaper a try.  Oh yes fuzzi bunz was showing up on every forum and blog that I was searching through.  So I bit the bullet,  I mean almost 20 dollars on a diaper,  hubby thought I was loopy.

I loved the guarantee on the diaper and the easy to follow instructions.  I washed and dried according to the instructions and we were all ready to go.

Stuffing the diaper took just a bit of time,  not bad if you make sure your hand is going to be rubbing against the cloth and not the PUL.  If your hand rubs on the PUL it sticks.  Oh and DON'T stuff until you have adjusted the diaper to fit your little one.  

The diaper fit well,  loved the extra snaps to adjust around the babies legs.  My little girl is 8 months but very petite so she is still on the smallest setting for this diaper.  It worked well for her.  I loved the diaper and the fit,  although I really do prefer 2 snaps on the diapers waist band.  

Washing wasn't bad,  wish it would spin the insert out on it's own like the Tweedle Bugs diapers do.

But the colors are so cute and it is very easy to use,  I would definitely buy anther.

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Angie said...

I was very blessed in that I have a sister in law who was OBSESSED with cloth diapers for time and she bought all the name brand ones (her husband makes a good living as a Pharmacist, so she could afford it). She even had a relatively successful internet business selling her own hand made diapers called "Hillbilly Bunny." She no longer makes them but she has made my daughter MANY and has given me EVEN MORE! So, I have just about every brand under the sun. And I do like Fuzzi Bunz too. I've gotten away from using cloth because we recently moved and I'm just now getting settled in, but with over 40 diapers, it's a crime not to use them!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

We fell in love with FB when our now 3 1/2 yr old daugher came home from the hospital allergic to disposables. I tried a few different kinds with both she and our now 1 yr old. I always came back to Fuzzi Bunz. I LOVE them! What a cute print you got :)

Kristy @


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