Saturday, February 11, 2012

Like ripples in a pond

That is what our actions are,  for good or for evil.

I have found this so very true the past week.  I think sometimes we live our lives thinking what we do is just affecting us.  But unless you live like the Boy In the Plastic Bubble

Life just does not work that way!

We affect those around us.  

And as hubby tells me so very often,
"You never sin alone"
Our sins affect others.  I can not not do what I am supposed to without it hurting someone around me.  

If I don't get my job here at the home done.  Hubby comes home to chaos and a very unrelaxing environment.  If hubby doesn't go to work,  we don't have a home.

But sadly in todays world this is not common knowledge.

I think some of this is caused by the social networking sites.  Don't get me wrong, I love my facebook, where else can I see my sweet nieces and nephews!  But the computer is impersonal.  I can type away and slam around and say things that I would NEVER say to someone in person and just walk away.  Never see the other side of the screen.  And what we can do just typing away.

So how does this fit in with the first part of my post.  

I think the idea that our actions don't affect others has always been around.
"Am I my brothers keeper?"  Sound familiar?  That type of attitude has been here for eons and the impersonality of the net has taken it to new heights.  But it is there in real life and every day to day interactions we have.  We march through the grocery store talking on the cell phone forgetting all the people around us.  We rush through traffic in our "bubbles"  because WE have things to do.  

And then when what we do affects others it is not our fault.  Some how we can never take the blame for what our actions caused.  If you don't believe me watch an episode or two of Judge Judy.  It is never their fault. 

So, here we are at the end of the post,  (Yeah I know I am long winded today)  How does this affect you?  I am not sure about you personally but I know that I want my actions to affect people for the better.  When they are done interacting with me I want them to think WOW,  she is different,  in a good way (for all my smarmy friends~keep it to yourselves!)
I want the people to see my Lord in me.  I want them to wonder what makes her so different!!

And for when I do something that hurts others.   I will man up, as best this woman knows how and understand that what I do affects more than just me, cause my actions are ripples on the water.


Anonymous said...

Very good post. I agree totally. This is so true. I never looked at it this way, You never sin alone. I mean I know that it affects others but I often don't think of it like that. Thank you so much for sharing.

Helena said...

This was very well said and it made me think about what I know about this. And I figured out that I am very sneaky. I am generally a fairly OK person, nice, etc. Even on the internet, I don't get mean and nasty. Because after all, you leave your ripple in the pond. But put me on the road, where I am just one more annonymous person and I am a little crazy! I guess I still need to work on things a bit! Have a great day!

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