Friday, July 30, 2010

Not made to bear

Today was so one of those days. 

First the most awesome news.  Hubby's transfer to a different Walmart went through.  Yoohoo!!!  

But then the trucking company that he applied with said he sounds like there kind of man and want to meet with him.  (Praying so hard for this job also)

Yes it would still be 2 jobs but we really still need it.  Hopefully not for to long.

Still trying to get a home in this town as it would be such a benefit.  We aren't sure what hubby is gonna do until we get a home over there but God will work it all out.  

But in the mean time I have been just struggling with some problems that seem unbearable.  And you know what they ARE!!  For me!!!

I have taken on me what was not mine to bear.  It is so hard as I struggle with giving leaving things with the Lord. 

He has taken on him all of our cares and concerns.  And yet we want to hold tightly to them,  But under that stress we would snap, (normally at someone)  

Not Made to Bear

Huge white snowflakes
fell gently one day,
Wet and clinging on
the trees they lay,

The hardwoods tried 
to bear the weight,
But the load of snow
was just too great,
And the branches snapped
beneath the strain,
Only wounded skeletons

But the evergreens 
that stand nearby,
On their own strength 
did not rely,
They just relaxed and 
the heavy snow 
                                                 Slid from their boughs 
                                                   to the earth below.

And the wise evergreens 
still stand tall,
Teaching a lesson 
to one and all,
For we never were meant 
to bear alone,
The burdens we think 
are all our own.

Abundant grace
God will bestow 
If we relax and 
just let it go.

1 comment:

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

It is definitely hard to give up control to God. I struggle with it, too.

Beautiful poem!

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