Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Menu Planning

Menu Planning Monday

I know it is not monday,  yesterday was a rotten day here and I did not get a chance to post my menu.  It was not a good way to start the week.  But I did get our groceries for the week.  We spend about 125.  Which is more than I like to spend but we had some staples that we needed to get and also a birthday dinner.  At our home you get to pick what you want for your birthday and this weeks birthday dinner included a shrimp ring numerous other items that are not normal around here.  

But I have gotten numerous comments about the price of food for my family.  So rather than putting down the menu I will try to put down each day what we ate and what the cost for that food was.  

For example this morning we had oatmeal.  I make 12 servings.  A thing of oatmeal cost 2.42 at our walmart.  I need to see if it is cheaper elsewhere but for now that is where I get it.  The cost for oatmeal breaks down to .16 per cup.  So to make 12 servings I need 6 cups of oats and that costs .96 for 12 servings. I also serve a fruit,  I try to buy bananas as they are normally under .50 per pound but this week I got apples.  I bought apples for .99 per pound.  I cost me 3.00 to get 6 apples.  Because I cut the apples up I use 2 apples to serve all 8 children.  So for breakfast the total cost is 1.95.  Most mornings we do OJ so you would have to add 1.08 to the cost of breakfast if you did OJ.  But it would be 2.07 with the cost of OJ added.  I try my hardest to keep breakfast at 2.00, lunch at 3.00 and supper at 5.00.  That gives a cost of 10.00 for 10 people for one day.  Or 70.00 for the week.


Anonymous said...

Wowza, thanks for breaking it down. Sounds like you have a good system. I hope you have a better day!

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

It is always refreshing to find another who actually breaks down and keeps track of what it cost to feed her family. I, of course, am the sort of person who also does this in other areas ... sometimes I'm just a little too detailed.

the other Mrs.B

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