Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random happenings

First off I am so excited that blogger is finally working with my email list!!!  Yipee,  the family can now get the updates.  It took blogger forever to add them but so glad that if went through.  So if the family wants to they can head on over here to comment,  just click on the link that comes with the email letting you know that this blog has been updated.

Yesterday was a very interesting day here.  Professor and Miss Sunshine both had eye appointments.  Professor hasn't been to the doc in a while and because both his near sightedness and farsightedness has degenerated so badly he is now getting bifocals.  My little Einstein.  I am praying that he adjust to them well and is able to use them without any trouble.  He loves to read so this will be a big help to him.  Also the insurance was not going to pay as they already bought 2 pairs of glasses last year.  He is all boy and rough on those glasses.  Well I took Miss Sunshine back for her check up and when I came out Professor was sitting at the table with his new glasses all picked out.  I told him we could not get them today but then the nurse said she sweet talked our insurance into paying for them!!!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!  I was so thankful and  Professor kept thanking her over and over.  She said she was just glad to help out!!

Miss Sunshine's estropia is not any better at all.  In fact it is worse so it is over to a surgeon for her.  But in the meantime she does have the most darling glasses to help with some correction that is needed.  The magnification makes her eyes look so huge.

You really can't tell from this picture but her glasses are a BRIGHT blue color.  She LOVES them and was so excited to get the blue ones.  Yes motherly love is letting your child pick out the color of their own glasses!!


Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo that the Lord came through on that insurance. How wonderful of that nurse. I will pray for your daughter.

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

When my JP, now 20, was in 9th grade, he selected thick plastic rimmed PURPLE frames for his glasses. He LOVED them and all his friends thought his glasses were SOOOO cool! I of course, couldn't believe he selected frames that were so bold, but hey, I wasn't the one who had to wear them day in and day out.

Way to go ... you just earned several "cool mom" points with your youngin's.

the other Mrs. B

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