Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting up and gazelling

It is time to get this under control,  talking our money.

If you want to be an encouragement to us in this area please head over here and request an invite!  I may open it up to everyone later but for now it will be by invitation only.

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Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Gazelle ... is this from Dave Ramsey?

I want to encoureage you and your fmaily, regardless which program/system you choose to utilize, financial control AND peace is obtainable.

10 years ago, wow! it doesn't seem that long now, our family put into practice Dave Ramsey's suggestions for obtaining deliverence from financial bondage. I am so happy we stuck it out AND started over after our first attempt failed.

Today, we live debt free, except for Mr. B's mortgage. One never truly knows freedom until you begin earning those paychecks and suddenly realize that YOUR family is in 100% control over how that money is spent. No credit card companies, auto loan companies, or other finance companies telling you "give me that money - it's mine. you entered into a legal contract to give it to me BEFORE you ever earned it."

Nope, hubby and I decide where every dime of our earnings will be spent - Liberating and Exciting. Because of a debt-free lifestyle, we CAN afford to give to our church and other non-profit organizations. Something we always had a desire to do but, prior to debt-free living, often didn't have enough money left over at the end of the month to do.

We certainly are not what others would consider wealthy. But because we broke free from the bondage of debt, we have a higher standard of living than we've ever had before. Since we now PLAN all our purchases, we actually have money to cover our ALL our necessities and many of our wants.

I encourage you to hang in there and if you fall - keep getting up and trying until you've obtained VICTORY.


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