Friday, February 4, 2011

Book Review Masquerade

By Nancy Moser

An arranged marriage, a trip to America and a young girl and her friend all make for a delightful read.  Trapped in a world of luxury that is falling down around her ears Charolette Gleason is thrown into an arranged marriage with someone she has never met.  She and her maid make a daring plan to trade places on the trip to America,  each is thrust into a world that they do not know but try very hard to learn.  A simple twist of fate will force them each to make a decision that will affect the other for the rest of their life.

Very good book.  I loved the description of America in the gilded age and as a sewer the prints in the back that showed the dresses the author described where an absolute delight.  


Thank you Bethany House for the free books to review.

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