Friday, March 4, 2011

What is keeping her busy?

That is the mess that comes with trying to pack up and move a household of 10.
As my regular readers here will know, last August hubby took a job in a town 90 miles away.  It is a very good job and it was much needed.  Our church is also in the same town,  but not our home.  Because of logistics and such hubby ended up living over in that town and coming home for his days off.  Well his days off our Sunday and Monday.  I am so very thankful that he has Sunday's off but for our family Sunday is the day to be in the Lord's house.  So hubby would get home on Saturday nights.  Some times as late as 9.  We would put the kids to bed (I never realized how much help he gave at bedtime till he wasn't here to help),  then we would spend some time together.  Then I would be up at 4 on Sunday.  We have to leave here by 7:30 to be to church on time.  Then at church we are in choir,  I love being in a choir again but we sit in the choir loft for the morning service so I didn't even get to set with him for morning worship :(  Are you detecting the whine in my voice. ;)  Then we would hang out in town and go to evening service.  Home after 10 most Sunday nights.  Monday he would play with the kids while I did the grocery shopping and running around.  We would eat supper as a family on Monday.  On occasion we would go out some where in the midst of that craziness.  Well this has been like this for 7 months and quite frankly I was at the end of my rope

I know alot of what happens is we take to much upon ourselves and it isn't ours to bear.  And yes I stress over things that are really not my problem,  but here at home I have teenage boys who need a papa,  and the girls so missed him.  Frankly we all missed papa so much!!  And just when we were giving up hope God paved the way to get our family back together.  I am so thankful for his direction in our lives.  What a blessing that is!

First off while driving my hubby started to listen to the Dave Ramsey show and asked me to try to listen here. What a convicting program.  (will blog more on this later)  Needless to say I jumped in with both feet,  can we say GAZELLE INTENSE!!!  Woohoo,  I love it.  And then we found a home on the net and hubby went to look at it,  and the family who owned it wanted to rent it out only,  but after they met hubby they said they would consider a land contract and wonder of wonders this last Wed we signed papers and now own a home  in the SAME TOWN HUBBY WORKS IN!!!!!!  Oh and I have to insert this in here also.  Hubby looked at the home and made the offer without me seeing the house.  Oh I had seen the pics on the net but hadn't gone through it yet.  Some one at church heard that and said Wow, there is a prayer request.  I told hubby if it had walls and a roof and HIM I am good to go!!!  

I need my family together so badly. And am so thankful that the Lord is bringing us back together!  Ok I know this blog post has an over abundance of exclamation points in it.  But words do not do justice to how I feel about having all of us together again.

We are actually moving in on Monday but the kids and I are taking the stuff to camp out over the weekend TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup my family will finally have a place to stay on Sundays,  a home to fellowship with other Christians in,  and to have my family whole again.

As an added bonus this home is on natural gas, which up here with our winters is a big blessing,  has FOUR bedrooms,  and a full basement.  Oh it is not without its quirks,  did I mention tiny dinning area,  but my family can eat together!  I pray the Lord will keep my up beat attitude towards this home going.
So I will be posting sporadically,  so nothing changing here!  ha!
And I will post pics as I get the rooms done,  Might be a while for each room as I am going with the Dave Ramsey system but hey I have a place to store my family again.
Pics from the net

My Precious Home!

Dining Nook

Living Room



Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Congratulations on the new home and even better what a blessing to have your family together again :)

January was the 2 year mark for my hubby living 1,932 miles away - so I know how you felt being seperated.

On your small dining room - a round table may not take up as much room as a regtangle and one can usually squeeze more chairs around it.


Summer said...

WOW....I could not imagine my husband being away from me for more than a day or two ....Sometimes he goes down to help our son with his business 150 miles away and he stays for a few days and really I must say that i grow to miss him by the time the evening or next morning comes
....I will pray for you Mrs. B but for now we praise the LORD for finding you and yours a new home thus bringing you all back together where you belong!...Come visit me when you get a chance you will rest peacefully in the WORD.

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