Thursday, April 14, 2011

Days are flying by

Only a homeschool mom would about die laughing at this.

It has been a good schooling week here.  It is so fun to curl up on the couch with history books and read them with the kids.  The little ones are loving their studies and the older boys are doing so well. 

I am in a stage of transition as we have Jr. High going on here along with middle schooling,  first grad and preschoolers.  But it has been so much easier with the move into our new home.  I am loving school more than I thought I ever would.  Oh we still have our days but it is easier now than I thought it could be. 

Next year we will have 2 Jr. Highers and I am excited about that.

Have a Blessed Day


Sheri Edwards said...


Mrs.B said...


thanks, the kids all came to see what I was lauging at.
In HIS Keeping,

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