Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Interesting Summer So Far

We had started off the summer slowly for us.  We still had some school to do,  still do for that matter.  

The kids and I hung out at the library at least once a week.  Bike riding and out door play were on the top of the to do list.

One day was a bit more interesting than the others.

The children have been making friends with the other little guys in the neighborhood and my door is being knocked on often with children asking if the kids can come out and play.  Our rule is they help me for a couple hours in the morning and then off they go into the great out doors.  Well Mr. Fix~it hadn't finished his morning chores so he told his friend to come back after lunch.  The little guy parked his guy in the woods next to our home and said he would be back later.

When Mr. Fix~it went out to play the boys could not find the bike in the woods.  Now our neighborhood is just 2 roads.  We are on a horseshoe and it is a very nice neighborhood.  I sent them out to look again but after a while of searching still no bike,  so we got Grandma and all the kids looking and it wasn't there.  The boys asked permission to canvass the neighborhood to see if anyone had seen it.  So off the boys went.  

After a while I decided to see how the boys were doing and  popped the baby's in the stroller and off we went.  I was just coming to Jake's home when Jake came running down the road toward me screaming that Mr. Fix~it had been bit by a dog.  

I started running up to where a group of people were standing and they said Mr. Fix~ithad run home,  (my mama's brain thought,  he is running that is a good sign.)  The lady who owned the dog said Rummel,  The dog had never bitten anyone before.  I said I needed to check on my son and told here which home was ours.  And I ran over to the house.

Jake's grandmother was there cleaning Mr. Fix~it's wound.  It was not bad as dog bites go but the dog had broken skin.  Jake and his grandmother left and the couple who owned Rummel stopped by to see how Mr. Fix~it was doing.  Mr. Fix~it was crying saying he had gone on their property and rummel was just doing his job.  And Mr. Fix~it was upset at himself cause he had run across someones lawn to get home faster.  The couple was very sweet and come to find out they are Christians.  I told them I wasn't sure if an ER visit was warranted but would let them know if I took him in.

I called hubby and he wanted him checked out so the couple gave us all the info we needed (Praise the Lord for honest folks)  and I headed to the ER and they called animal control.

Mr. Fix~it ended up getting a tetanus shot,  Rummel was up to date on his shots,  Mr. Fix~it wasn't!  And the doc said it looked ok but it was gonna have some major muscle soreness going on the next day.

Poor Mr. Fix~itwas limping around for a few days.  And Rummel was to be in a kennel, on a leash or inside for 2 weeks and then he was good to go.  The couple also said if the insurance did not cover anything to let them know and they would pay for it.

Just this last week they sent over a housewarming gift.  First one for this area!  It had coloring books, crayons. puzzles, laundry soap (woohoo)  and a gift card.

The kids want to head over this week with a thankyou and see how Rummel is doing and they all want to make friends with him.

God can turn anything to a good thing if you let him!


The Real Me! said...

That just gives me goosebumps. The whole thing. I love how it turned out. How God used that to actually bring your families closer.
Thanks for sharing that my friend. I hope your son recovered without any problems too.

Mrs.B said...

He recovered just fine.

God is amazing isn't he!

In HIS Keeping

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